The mining excavators


The mining excavators are known for their exceptional performance, excellence reliability and easy serviceability.

Those machines are working in various environment in tough conditions, often 7 days a week and almost during 12 months a year.

The challenge for owners of mining excavators consists in increasing production while reducing maintenance costs.

Technical data

• Hydraulic oil

• Narrow space


• Reliability

• Customized solution

• Signal to inform operator about valve(s) status (open/close)



The solution was found with Sylax butterfly valve with a special machining on casing to adapt the valve on the hydraulic reservoir.

The double tightness sealing ensure a perfect security and longevity of the valve.

Liner made of NBR was selected after tests made on laboratory.

The partnership between the customer and Socla leads to a customized solution and which fulfilled all technical specification and costs efficiency as well.

Key points


Adapted product

5 years warranty

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