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A real synergy for water and industrial fluids



To the plumbers, the facility maintenance personnel, the plant workers, the distributors, the warehouse staff, and everyone out there keeping our critical infrastructure running, we thank you.

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Watts eLearning system provides access to a wide selection of products and solutions from the Watts family of brands. Courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere; perfect for your busy schedule!

Wholesalers, contractors, and engineers are invited to participate in our Learn & Earn program which provides tokens after successfully completing eLearning courses. Tokens can then be redeemed for Watts branded lifestyle merchandise.

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DIGISCO is a cloud-based solution, that simplifies and manages the entire test and control of backflow preventers workflow for all Backflow testers (facility management companies, installers, craftsmen, contractors, etc.) :

• A mobile App to fill in reports and generate pdf
• A web-based interface for agency managers, admin & testers ( Customer area ) to manage workflow, schedule & plan, send reports to customers, import data…
• A dedicated Website to promote the service on the web, log in and subscribe.
• DIGISCO is the result of constant attention to customer needs and our wish to facilitate the life of all installers.

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